Google Ads Audit TQ

Thank You For Signing Up

In order for us to proceed with the audit, you will need to assign us as your Google Ads Manager.

Please follow the instruction on how to assign us as your Google Ads Manager

Procedure for assigning Mediabeza PLT as Google Ads Manager.

Step 1 

Sign in to your existing Google Ads account as usual. At the top bar of the page, please take note of the account number at the top right corner of the home page.

Step 2

Provide your Google Ads account no to us. We will then link your Google Ads Account to our Mediabeza Google Ads Manager Account.

Step 3 – Navigate to ‘Access and Security ‘ page

Select ‘Tools and Settings ‘ on the top menu bar and select ‘ Access and Security ‘

You will be brought to ‘Access & Security’ page, where you will see your account’s email address under the Users tab


Step 4 -Accepting Mediabeza PLT as Account Manager

Click on the ‘Manager ‘ tab, you will see a message that you will need to approve us as your manager. Our ad account will be ‘Mediabeza GoogleAds Manager 814-263-4948‘ . In the actions column, you will need to approve us as your Account Manager.