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Why it is important to audit your Google My Business profile

Increase your chances to attract your potential customer

Visitors want to know the basic and fast information they can access easily such as your operating hours and reviews. If that info can’t be access, they just jump to your competitors who can deliver that

Stay ahead of your competitors

Surprisingly, there are plenty of business that have not to claim their business on Google. This would be an advantage for you to have your business claimed because when your potential customer searches “Business Nearby” your business may appear top of the searches.

Built trust in your potential customers

When your recent customers leave a review, you can respond to them to acknowledge their review. This will show how much you care about your customers to your potential customers who came across your business on Google Map

What Will You Get In Audit

You will get to know whether your business is optimized on Google or not
You will discover if your business meet the minimum listing requirements of phone, email and website

You will find out whether your business address is accurate or not

You will know if your potential customer can see the photos of products and services you are selling

You will find out whether your listings have the correct category and attributes

You will know if your business has any reviews and if any of the reviewers receive their responses

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Mediabeza PLT (LLP0018041-LGN) is a Kuala Lumpur-based digital marketing agency. We assist businesses in increasing revenue using a variety of digital marketing techniques, including SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Content Marketing.

Our company’s objective is to ensure that money spent on digital marketing generates the necessary return on investment.

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